Devona Y. - Elk Grove, CA

My favorite place for dim sum in Sac! Me, my mom and my grandma love to come here during the weekdays right when they open. Service here is great. We get sitted right away and they bring us water and tea. We get served really fast and they never fail to forget to refill our tea pot and water cups.

Julie R. - Elk Grove, CA

I just love this place. It has plenty of room for our very large family. It's also the most authentic Chinese restaurant in the Sacramento area. They are the only restaurant that I can find that serves Chinese broccoli, stuffed tofu and pea sprouts.

Susan P. - Sacramento, CA

Great place for dim sum! I've been coming here with my family since I was young and now I come here with my friends for dim sum. It would have to be my favorite dim sum restaurant in Sacramento. It does get super busy here on the weekends, so if you want to avoid the brunch rush, I suggest going after 12pm or 1pm. Love the shu mai (pork dumpling), hargow (shrimp dumpling), shrimp noodle, porridge, pineapple buns, egg custard and a few more items that I don't know what it's called hehe. Free tea is always a bonus :)

Tiffany N. - Rancho Cordova, CA

I've been here a few times for their dim sum, and it's always delicious! The wait can be pretty long, but it's worth it. Usually, I come here for a lot of weddings and continued to be amazed by the staff here. They are very professional at these events and handle them very well. The food, even though mass produced for 20+ tables, always comes out perfectly cooked and delicious.